Kid Friendly Menu Options 
Edamame (4)
boiled soy beans with sea salt
Spring Roll (5)
Beef or Veggie
Gyoza (7)
Asian style dumpling filled with vegetables. Choice of beef, chicken, pork, or vegetable.
Served deep friend or steamed
Popcorn Chicken (9)
Chicken breasts encrusted in bread crumbs, deep fried and served with creamy spicy sauce
Vegetable Tempura (Choose 3)(8)
Asparagus, Avocado, Broccoli, Carrot, Eggplant, Sweet potato, Enoki mushroom, Onion, Buttercup Squash
Children can be picky eaters, but that doesn't mean they can't enjoy what Japanese cuisine has to offer. We care about the experience your family will have at our restaurant, so we've composed a child friendly selection of foods from the main menu that are both portionable and delicious for kids.
Steamed Rice (2)
Miso Soup (2)
Brown Rice (3)
Sushi Rolls
Chicken Teriyaki Roll
California Roll
Avocado Roll
Veggie Roll
Avocado Cucumber Roll
Cucumber Roll
Yaki Udon (19)
Pan fried soft noodles and assorted vegetables with teriyaki sauce ( Your choice of beef, chicken, shrimp or vegetables)
Gluten Friendly Menu Options 
Wabora is dedicated to providing menu options for those who may be gluten sensitive and gluten intolerant. We have composed a list of gluten free favourites.
Please remember to let your waiter or waitress know if you have any allergy, as this menu is designed to be your guide to a safe dining experience. We can additionally accommodate you with gluten free soy sauce.
Edamame (4)
boiled soy beans with sea salt