Robota Grilled – Traditional Cooking on a Bincho Charcoal Grill

Bone In Rib Steak (15oz)
USDA prime centre cut

Kalbi Rib Steak
Sweet-Soy Garlic Marinated

Beef Tender Loin (10oz)
Brushed with soy garlic butter served with a side dipping sauce (AAA tender loin centre cut)

Beef Strip Loin (10oz)
Soy garlic butter served with side dipping sauce (USDA prime centre cut)

Pork Baby Rib
Marinated in an Asian style sweet and spicy sauce

Fresh Pork Belly
With garlic miso and sesame seed oil

Black Cod
Served with a sweet blond miso sauce

Sea Bass
Served with a sweet blond miso sauce

Jumbo Prawn Shrimp
Marinated with a sweet garlic soy sauce


Lobster Tail (2pcs)
Brushed with a soy garlic butter

Whole Squid
Sea salt rubbed whole squid serve with a sweet blond miso sauce and warm olive spinach salad